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What is counselling and how does it work?

Counselling psychotherapy is not for me to give you advice nor that of  my opinion. My job is to help you navigate your own way through what your presenting issue may be. I will use a range of different theoretical approaches dependant on what best suits the individuality of each client as not 'one size fits all', and this applies within therapy as well. What may work for some may not work for others. A brief description below of some of  the most common approaches used.


Person centred - of which is based on a humanistic modality, placing the individual (client) central to the process. This approach aims to help an individual connect with their inner values and their sense of self - worth and self - esteem, creating a new ability to find their own way to make progression and move forward.


Psychodynamic therapy - Explores the unconscious processes and how they could possibly be manifested and thus playing out in an individuals present behaviour. This approach aims to guide the client through their levels of  self awareness and creating, exploring, building an understanding of  how influences of the past can hold on present behavioural factors.


Gestalt therapy - a form of psychotherapy which focuses on the present rather than that of the past. The aim of this therapy for clients holds focus and exploration around the individuals self - awareness, self - direction and  inner and outer freedom.


Solution focused - Usually consists of short term therapy - 6 - 12 sessions, and is heavily focused  on goals. The aim for clients from this type of theory is focused on creating new solutions rather than that of digging dip to that of the problem.

Somatic therapy - Classical mind and body approach. This type of therapy explores and aims to identify the importance of the experience of not just the mind, but what is also happening in the body and the intrinsic connection between the two. 


 Individuals can often find it hard to talk and open up to people close to them and that's where a therapist can be of help. I offer a non judgemental space for YOU to be seen and heard. I will listen to you, guide you, and support you through what it is that may have brought you to counselling. 

Therapy lasts for approximately 50 minutes per session. Short term and long term therapy is available and this is dependant on the individual needs of each client. Ideally therapy should consist of weekly sessions - for full gain of the therapeutical process. 

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