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How does confidentiality work? 

Everything you share is completely confidential, however confidentiality in therapy holds limitations. What this means is I would only have to break confidentiality if you became an immediate risk of harm to self and/or others. This also applies if you disclose criminal activity such as, you disclose an act of terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering or anything covered under the Child Protection Act. 

Requirements for my profession is to attend regular meetings with my clinical supervisor - Although some content will be explored through that of my supervisor and I - no confidential data is shared and everything is anonymous.

Notes made after the session are again kept anonymously - Session notes are stored separately from any demographical information that could identify you. All paper notes are kept locked in a filing cabinet and all confidential data stored on computers are protected as per compliance with GDPR.

What happens if I am running late to a session? 

It happens so please do not stress. If you are running later than 20 minutes, its beneficial for your session to be rescheduled so you can benefit from the full therapeutical time. Please however contact me to let me know you are running late and please note, as per stated in the contract for payment policy - if your session is rescheduled due to being later than that of 20 minutes - full payment still needs to be made. 

If you miss two consecutive sessions with no contact and communication - You will be discharged from the service. 

My availability 

Appointments - 

Wednesday       08:00 - 16:00
Thursday          08:00 - 16:00
Friday               08:00 - 16:00
Saturday          08:00 - 15:00

Please email - for appointment availability.

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